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Ant Movie Catalog  v.

Ant Movie Catalog is a DVD movie cataloging software. This is a free application that can help you if you have a huge collection of movies and don't really know how to organize it. This cataloging software takes a rather simplistic approach.

Simple Movie Catalog  v.1.4

Simple Movie Catalog is a Java movie catalog software, to keep track of your movies. It is particularly conformable to catalog movies stored on data media (disk arrays, NAS, ...). After the acquisition of data,


Personal books and movie catalog  v.b.0.1

This is a personal books and movie catalog using Java and an embedded database.

Eax Movie Catalog  v.2.5.0

It's very fast and easy-to-use anymore to catalog your movies and to get information about movies you're looking for. You can easily reach any information; director, writer, genre, cast, plot outline, awards, original music, cinematography, user

Filmotech  v.3 13

Filmotech is a movie catalog software for DVD, Blue-Ray, DiVX, CD, VHS and more. Filmotech is a freeware. No need to enter all the information about your movies.

CATVids Importer  v.6.0

CATVids Importer can import data from the following applications: - Ant Movie Catalog - DVD Profiler - DVD Profiler - eXtreme Movie Manager - Movie Collector - Movie Library This is an add-on for the CATVids software , a powerful Blu-Ray

Filmotech for Mac OS X  v.3.1.2001

Filmotech is a very useful tool that was designed in order to help you manage all your movies.

Movie Library Organizer Pro  v.2.9

Movie Library Software for Windows. Movie library database maintenance system for private, public, corporate libraries. Our library software helps you to catalog dvds, video tapes, cds, organize member information, keep track of the circulations.

Movie Label 2010  v.

If you are a lucky owner of a big movie collection and you are looking for a way to organize and catalog it, then I recommend you to take a glance at Movie Label 2010, a versatile and easy-to-use program that will facilitate this task and will provid

Movie Label 2011  v.

Movie Label 2011 is a program that allows you to build a catalog of your movies. You can add the details about the movies you own just by scanning the barcode that is printed on their boxes, or manually just by entering the title.

CatStudio Catalog Publishing Software

CatStudio provides a features-rich environment to create Product Catalog in HTML, Movie or PDF format. Besides the product information, It allows to add different types of content, includes: Flash animation, images, text, and others. The Web Catalog

Movie Label 2012  v.

Movie Label is a better kind of movie database for any size movie collection. Remember, your movie collection is an investment so make sure you treat it like one.

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